Thorn Keep

Thorn Keep is more than just a keep. It is a sprawling warlord’s dream, a powerful castle fortress high on a rolling hill overlooking plains in all directions. There are farmlands surrounding the castle, but other than these farmers every living being who walks the halls of Thorn Keep is a warrior, tried and true.

Thorn Keep is the headquarters for the Order of the Rose, an ancient knighthood that traces its origins back to the days that the gods walked the kingdoms and there was not yet a Ruling Crown or a lone king upon whose head it would rest. The knights of this honorable order are many, and their leadership is formed of the greatest minds battle has ever forged.

Despite all this military organization, Thorn Keep also has a Steward who serves the role many other towns might call a mayor. Stewart Paivan Potter is a decent but shrewd man who manages the stores and coffers of the keep and its surrounding countryside. He does not command the armies, but if he requests something from the High Generals, he usually gets what he needs.

The Order of the Rose (which, incidentally, refers to a compass rose, not the flower of the same name) is not only made up of warriors. The leaders are privy to supernatural abilities granted to them by secret training. Until the High Generals seized the crown and escorted it away to some other place their powers were believed to be purely martial in nature. Now the world knows differently, and people wonder and fear what the High Generals are actually capable of doing.

The dungeons of Thorn Keep are said to be so large and deep that even if you escape your bonds you will never see the light of day. For this reason there is a law in Thorn Keep: escape and the gods have granted you your freedom.

Only one man was said to have escaped: a halfling from Rue Warren named Shirestock Goodfellow who bragged that he could escape any dungeon and lived up to his boast when he was caught pilfering from the High Generals. He has said publicly that he will sell the secret of his escape for one million gold. So far nobody has paid up.

From: ‘Keranak Kingdoms Fantasy Setting’

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Thorn Keep

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