Range: 5 spaces per spellcaster level
Usage: 2/day per spellcaster level
Duration: Varies
Resistance: STR
Effect: Target is transformed into another living creature whose rank is equal to or less than the target’s own rank (of reasonable size). Lasts 1D turns per spellcaster level if cast in combat or 2D hours outside of combat. For instance, a rank 3 human-sized target could be turned into a goblin or a centaur but not a dragon. At spellcaster level 3 the effect lasts 1 day and at level 6 it is permanent if caster sacrifices 10 STR permanently.

Transform can also be used to reshape non-living matter into a new shape. Up to 50 pounds of material can be transformed per spellcaster level. The new shape will retain its mass even if its volume is reshaped. It cannot be changed from one type of matter to another (lead to gold, for instance). It will simply be shaped by the will of the spellcaster and retain that shape for 2D hours. At spellcaster level 3 the duration is 2D days. At spellcaster level 5 the spell can transform one type of matter into another (wood to leather, lead to gold). At spellcaster level 6 the duration can be permanent if the spellcaster loses 10 points of STR permanently.

Matter affected by this spell can be detected as magical by a spellcaster’s Wizard Eye skill ability if the wizard is examining it specifically.

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