Stavengaard Province

This province is not ruled by a single man but by a council comprised of a representative from each of the free cities. More like a collection of many minor city states, the Stavengaard Province nonetheless maintains a sizable protective army. There is less of a divide between the wealthy and the poor, and most citizens enjoy a comfort unknown in other lands.

Long ago, Stavengaard was a kingdom ruled by a monarch whose desire for power was the cause of an epic war that raged across the land. When the gods chose the Keranak family to rule, the first king used the influence of the Ruling Crown to unite the armies against Stavengaard and put an end to his tyranny. Since then, the collection of free cities has risen in the place of the once mighty kingdom.

Stavengaard has taken on the responsibility of patrolling the entrance to the Sea of Stones. Nobody has asked them to do this, and they do not charge for the service. Recently, the Council of Free Cities of Stavengaard has issued a decree that unless other provinces and kingdoms start patrolling the inner Sea of Stones for pirates, they will rescind their protection of that sea’s entrance.

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Stavengaard Province

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