The humans of the land are many and vary in appearance greatly. They are the most prevalent of the settled races of the kingdoms. They were chosen by the gods to wear the Ruling Crown. This fact took some getting used to by the leaders of the other races. Serena is the patron deity of humans, though she tends to leave them alone most of the time. Human appearance and beliefs vary so dramatically they’re difficult to enumerate, but some generalities can be made:

Northland Humans – The humans who dwell in the frosty north in the Highland Valley and neighboring provinces have a similar look and culture. They have dark hair, olive complexions, and heavy-lidded, narrow, dark eyes. They believe in pantheons different from the rest of the kingdoms, and speak tradespeak with a strong accent. A hardy lot, they survive harsh winters through harsher toil and have chapped skin and calloused hands to prove it.

Midland Humans – The humans of the middle kingdoms of the Western Reaches, Laridian Wastes, the islanders of the Sea of Stones, and all surrounding provinces have a similar look and culture. Their skin is often tanned and their hair one of many brown shades (often shoulder-length). Their eyes are typically brown or green but exceptions exist.

Southland Humans – The humans of the southern part of the main land mass all have a similar look and culture. These lands include the Reinaris Barony, Stavengaard Province, Keranak Province, and surrounding lands. They are pale of skin, light of hair and eyes (with red hair not uncommon). They are artistic and creative, which is demonstrated by their architecture, fashion, and cunning on a battlefield. They are commonly farmers and hard workers, though their nobility tends to be a bit too civil (pampered) for such hard work.

  • Add 10 to starting WIL.
  • Human Versatility (one additional description).
  • Human Resilience (+10 to all resistance checks).
  • Move 8 spaces.
  • Speaks anglish and tradespeak.

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