Smaller even than the dwarves of the kingdoms are the halflings. Their appearances vary slightly from culture to culture, but they all look like wizened young humans in one way or another. They are often underestimated, have large hearts and quick fingers. Jenek and Obedon are the patron deities of halflings. Halflings have appearances which vary by the country (called “Warren”) from which they hail. In the Keranak Kingdoms, there are three such warrens, possibly a fourth which has been lost to history.

Nethe Halflings – The Isle of Netherak once had a large halfling warren overrun by lizardmen long ago. Those who survived did so aboard boats, fleeing as refugees to other lands. They are darker of skin, hair, and eyes than the others of their kind, and are rarely seen anymore. They call themselves Nethelings. See Keranak Kingdoms setting book, page 11.

Lor Halflings – These halflings live atop the hills, not within them. They live in very small hamlets, each prideful over its own flavor of Lorwine. They have wavy dark hair, thin bodies, and long hairy feet. They call themselves Lorlings. See Keranak Kingdoms setting book, page 14.

Rue Halflings – These halflings dwell in vast under-hill warrens miles long. They have short curly hair, plump bellies, and large hands and feet. They tend not to adventure much, but sometimes tire of harvesting ever-glow moss and get involved in things. They call themselves Ruelings. See Keranak Kingdoms setting book, page 17.

Vale Halflings – The Vale of Shadow has many native shadow stalkers which were likely once halflings of a long lost warren. Although this race is long lost, some ancient texts refer to the shadow stalkers of this dark land Valelings. See Keranak Kingdoms setting book, page 21.

  • Add 10 to starting DEX.
  • Luck (each encounter, re-roll one failed check).
  • Footpad (+10 any checks to hide or sneak).
  • Move 7 spaces.
  • Speaks halfling and tradespeak.

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