Dwarves are stout folk with a preference for the mountains, both above and below the surface. They are among the hardest workers of the kingdoms, with the patience and skill to build amazing stone structures. Karis-mar is the patron deity of dwarves.

Dwarves have varying appearances and cultures, depending on which kingdom (oft called “underkingdom”) they call home. In the Keranak Kingdoms, there are three such underkingdoms:

Dul’Gath Dwarves – These dwarves have long, reddish, beards (often braided) and green eyes. Their skin tone is pale. They are known to dress in plaids and stripes (sometimes at the same time). They call themselves the Gathi. They live in great stone spires cut from the mountains themselves. They are miners of copper, tin, and other utility metals, and herd sheep and other livestock on the mountainside. See Keranak Kingdoms setting book, page 6.

Dul’Urich Dwarves – These dwarves have dark hair and beards kept short (though youth often have topknots), and have brown to black eyes. They often wear neutral colors of grays, browns, and greens. They call themselves the Urichi. Their sprawling underground cities are fortresses and battlements, protecting the surface world from the beings of shadow and darkness which live below the mountains. Their lands are great crossroads protected by The Watch, their elite police and military force. See Keranak Kingdoms setting book, page 6.

Shielding Dwarves – These are stout, hairless, dwarves with stone cold blue eyes. Their skin is a stony dark color. Serious and stoic, they call themselves Shieldfellows. Unlike their brothers of Dul’Gath and Dul’Urich, the Shielding Dwarves do not mine or herd. They fight. They help keep the lands safe from the unspeakable horrors below the Shielding Wall. See Keranak Kingdoms setting book, page 19.

  • Add 10 to starting STR.
  • Add 5 to starting body points (this is in addition to the BP added by the dwarf’s increased STR score).
  • Infravision (12 spaces, sight using heat signatures in the infra-red spectrum when light is not present).
  • Dwarf Resilience (+10 resist poison and magic).
  • Move 6 spaces.
  • Speaks dwarfish and tradespeak.

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