Dul'Gath Underkingdom

Supplying the surrounding area with copper, tin and other utility metals, Dul-Gath is famed for its city spires cut from the tallest mountain peaks. Despite the beauty of these spires, more than nine tenths of their size exists under the mountains, where the Dul’Gath dwarves dwell and toil for the greater good.

The dwarves of Dul’Gath tend to have reddish beards and green eyes. They dress in plaids and stripes, and often wear their beards braided. They herd sheep and other livestock on the mountainside, while they mine their metals deep in the mountain’s belly.

The Dul’Gath ruler has taken up the title of King once more (since the death of the Keranak line) but claims they’re an independent kingdom rather than claiming some right to rule all the kingdoms. The current ruler is Underking Boran Broffin IV, whose family has ruled for over a century.

The metal merchants of Dul’Gath make the kingdom rich through sale of their metals, while the militant Red Guard keep the mountain safe for both travelers and residents. Dul’Gath is one of the only places in the kingdom who mint their own coins, but they make them the same way the coins are minted in Kingsbridge so that merchants can use the two currencies equally.

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Dul'Gath Underkingdom

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