Afraid of cute mammals; kleptomaniac.


Race: Halfling
Gender: Female
Rank: 3

  • Afraid of cute mammals.
  • Kleptomaniac

DP: Earned 28 Spent 28

STR 60
DEX 76
LOG 69
WIL 53

BP 30
DR 4

Moral Code

  • Somewhat Kind
  • Somewhat Focused
  • Very Selfish
  • Somewhat Honorable
  • Somewhat Brave

Spellcaster 85% (Level 3) Primary
>> High Wizardry, Low Wizardry, Wizard Eye, Wizard Hand
>> Spells
>>>> Telekinesis, Offensive Strike, Summon, Protection, Hinder, Cleanse
Thief 68% (Level 2) Secondary
>> Deception, Security Systems, Sleight of Hand, Stealth
Scout 35% (Level 0)
>> Animal Handling, Navigation, Survival, Tracking
Warrior (melee) 30% (Level 0)
>> Melee , Unarmed combat
>>>> Shortsword 30% (1D+4)
>>>> Unarmed 30% (1D/2+1)
Warrior (ranged) 38% (Level 0)
>> Marksman, Thrown weapons
>>>> Sling 38% (1D+6)
>>>> Shortbow 38% (2D+6)

3 Bones at the start of each session
Barefoot Lizard Inn cup
Shiney Trinkets (25 gp)
Survival Pack
Grappling hook
Thieves’ tools
Blank Book
1 Strength Potion
2 Unspelled collars
2 Rune Control stones
3 Healing Potions
1 Logic Potion


  • +10 DEX, Luck (re-roll one failed check each encounter)
  • +10 hide or sneak, Move 7 spaces, Speaks Halfling and Tradespeak
  • Order of the Rose agent



The Tragic Tale of Reena the Halfling

Reena was born in a warm spring day to two loving Halfling parents. Like most Halflings, she lived in a cozy home built into the side of a hill.

Reena was a happy child, always quick to do her chores without a word of complaint, always willing to help anybody who needed it. Whether person or animal. Indeed, she was so well known for helping the animals they would often come to her to remove a thorn in the foot, or any other such needs the animal could not do for themselves. Reena would always have nuts in her pockets to feed the squirrels, a carrot or apple to feed the bunnies, and other such stuff. Everybody loved Reena.

One day, when Reena was nine or ten, she was coming home from school and stopped to give some squirrels some nuts, as usual. She was sitting on a log, holding out the nut for a squirrel to take from her hand when suddenly the cute little mammal jumped up and bit her on the nose. “Ouch! What was that about?” exclaimed Reena.

Reena stood up and looked around. Something was not right. All the cute little animals, whom she loved so much, looked… wrong. Their cute little noses did not wiggle the same way. They didn’t frolic like they usually did. Instead, they just stood silently, watching Reena.

Suddenly, all the animals launched towards Reena. As people would be in this situation, Reena was scared and started running for home. The animals gave chase. Being set upon by all her cute, furry friends, Reena lost sense of her direction and ended up going away from her hillside town, instead of towards it. Once she reached a certain distance, all the animals stopped chasing her and started frolicking and looking for treats like normal.

Reena was at a loss. She had no way of knowing what happened. She got her bearings and then slowly started to make her way back home. As expected, her woodland friends started following Reena, wondering what was bothering her and trying to comfort her.

As she got closer to home, once again, the cute woodland creatures turned on her. Reena turned around and, once the animals stopped giving chase and started to act normal again, she sat down and cried…


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