Critical Success

In ‘Barebones Fantasy RPG’ any time your roll doubles and succeed in an action you achieve a critical success. The rules then leave it up to you and your GM to determine what that critical success looks like.

For combat, I propose the following set of house rules. It’s a modified set of tables from the ‘Dragon Age RPG’ free quick-start rule-set (available at ):

When you roll doubles on a successful attack roll (i.e. a ‘Critical Success’ in combat), you receive Stunt Points (SP). Stunt Points are generated by rolling a d10. The points are then immediately spent in any combination you wish, up to the number generated.

  • 1-6 SP: SKIRMISH:You can move yourself or the target of your attack 1 space in any direction for each 1 SP you spend.
  • 3 SP: KNOCK PRONE:You knock your enemy prone. Any enemy that is prone suffers a -20 penalty to DEX resistance checks to attacks with melee or thrown weapons.
  • 3 SP: DEFENSIVE STANCE: Your attack sets you up for defence. You gain a +20 bonus to DEX resistance checks until the beginning of your next turn.
  • 3 SP: DISARM:You attempt to disarm the target with your melee attack. You and your opponent must make a contested STR check. If you win the contest, you knock your enemy’s weapon d10 spaces away in any direction you choose.
  • 3 SP: MIGHTY BLOW:You inflict an extra d10 damage on your attack.
    MIGHTY SPELL (spells):If the spell does damage, one target of the spell of your choice takes an extra d10 damage.
  • 3 SP: PIERCE ARMOUR: You find a chink in your enemy’s armour. His armour rating is ignored for this attack.
  • 5 SP: LIGHTNING ATTACK: You can make a second attack against the same enemy or a different one within range and sight without a further action penalty. If you roll doubles on this attack roll, you do not get any more stunt points.
  • 5 SP: FAST CASTING (spells): After you resolve this spell, you can immediately cast another spell without a further action penalty. If you roll doubles on this casting roll, you do not get any more stunt points.
  • 7 SP: DUAL STRIKE: Your attack is so strong it affects two targets. First, pick a secondary target. He must be adjacent to you if you are using a melee weapon or within 6 spaces of your primary target if you are using a missile weapon. Apply the result of your original attack roll to the secondary target (in other words, you only make one attack roll and apply it to both opponents). If you hit the secondary target, inflict your normal damage on him in addition to your primary target.
  • 7 SP: IMPOSING SPELL (spells): The effect of the spell is much more dramatic than usual. Until the beginning of your next turn, no enemy can make an attack against you.

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Critical Success

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