Bag o' Bones

Each player gets 2 bones at the start of a game session. Halflings receive an additional bone (representing their Luck ability). During game play, a player may cash in a bone for any of the following effects:

  • Bone-up: Reroll a crappy roll you just made, to pretend you don’t suck.
  • Bone of Contention: Force the GM to reroll something you don’t like.
  • Sticks & Stones: Assumes you roll a successful resistance check without having to actually roll or take an action
  • Cuts to the Bone: Add 1D to damage you roll against a foe you just successfully hit.
  • Bad to the Bone: your moves are so freakishly cool anyone who witnesses them (friend and foe) tell the tale far and wide. That is, if you let them live… Even if you get a beating, you look cool taking it.
  • Bone Crazy: Guarantee that for one round, no action you take or that is taken against you will result in your death so you can try something TRULY stupid and be sure to live long enough to hear the cheers or jeers.

During game play, the GM can “throw you a bone” if you do something particularly cool that he didn’t expect (or that he thought would never work).

To balance stuff out a bit, the GM should also be given bones to use, one bone per player. He won’t get extra bones to spend (nobody is going to “throw him a bone”) but the ones he has could be used in the same ways as above. Of course, a spending war could ensue… where the GM and player(s) keep spending bones to do/undo each other for something important.

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Bag o' Bones

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